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Weight loss is not an easy thing. Anyone who has tried it knows how far words are from reality.

Gaining weight is easy. Almost all of us have experienced it. It happens quietly, without you realizing it. And then you crash into reality.

Woman trying to button jean

You wake up one morning and realize that you can’t button the once fitted shirt.

The reason? Your belly flying forward.

Or even worse. The once-fitted jeans that made men turn their heads when you walked down the street, no longer fit you.

This is where the difficulties begin. How do you fit in your old jeans again? What do you need to do to fasten your shirt?

“Everything is fine,” most answer.

“Starting today, I will cut sweets and bread. I’ll join a gym tomorrow.”

Overweight woman on weight scale

This is the beginning of a war with extra pounds. A war that is often lost before it even begins.

“Why;” – everyone wonders.

Because in this war only conventional weapons, such as diet and exercise, are not enough.

Because in this war, most of the time, only conventional weapons, such as diet and exercise, are not enough.

To see real results, they must be combined with a good supplement for weight loss.

You will find many such supplements in pharmacies and on the internet. Everyone claims to be effective.

But unfortunately most do not work or have limited action.

But there are a few that really help you burn fat and win the war on extra pounds.

PhenGold is one of them.

How PhenGold works

Weight loss is a problem with many dimensions and its solution must be multidimensional. A solution that must be based on scientific data.

This is exactly what PhenGold does. Dealing with the problem of extra pounds from all angles can help you achieve your goal and lose the pounds you want.

Let’s see how it works.

1. Helps burn belly fat

Woman measuring belly

There is no man or woman who does not want to have a slim waist.

Many focuses only on appearance, but it isn’t only that.

Belly fat is one of the most dangerous and is closely related to several serious diseases.

Thanks to the green tea extract contained in PhenGold, it can help you burn a significant amount of belly fat.

2. It boosts metabolism

Your body burns calories all the time.

When you work, when you sit, even when you sleep, your body performs millions of functions that require energy.

PhenGold speeds up your metabolism so that you burn more calories even when you are resting.

The green tea extract and cayenne pepper it contains are two known ingredients that have been shown to stimulate thermogenesis, a process that increases the calories you burn.

3. Burns more fat while exercising

Phengold improves strength

Exercise, even if mild, boosts weight loss. If you exercise and use PhenGold at the same time the results are obviously much faster.

Its unique formula helps reduce mental and physical fatigue.

With the energy it offers you you will be able to exercise more intensely and for a longer period.

Its fat burners, such as Rhodiola and cayenne pepper, allow the body to burn more fat while exercising.

4. Prevents the absorption of fat

Success in losing weight depends on two factors. How much fat do you burn and how much fat is stored in the body at the same time.

Along with burning fat, the green coffee extract contained in PhenGold reduces the amount of fat and glucose your body absorbs when you eat.

5. Reduces the food cravings

Bodybuilder selecting vegetables

Continuous snacking is one of the main causes of weight gain.

We may not realize it, but this habit can ruin your whole effort to lose weight.

PhenGold eliminates the waves of hunger, helping you to make better and more quality choices in your diet.

PhenGold Ingredients

PhenGold contains vitamins and 100% natural ingredients. It is proven that all of them in synergy with each other help you to lose pounds.

Unlike many diet pills, PhenGold clearly says on its label, not just the ingredients, but the amount of each of them.

Its main ingredients are:

Green tea extract

Green tea leaves

Green tea is one of the healthiest herbs on the planet. There is no doubt about it. Countless studies have proven this.

It is no coincidence that green tea extract is an ingredient in all known fat burning supplements.

Green tea contains bioactive substances such as caffeine and EGCG, which can significantly boost metabolism.

It can help you burn 3-4% more calories each day.

Green tea contains ingredients that can help you lose fat.

Thanks to these ingredients, green tea helps break down fat, which you then use from the body for energy.

This action is even more intense and effective during the exercises.

Its most striking effect on fat burning is that it burns more belly fat compared to other parts of the body.

Cayenne Pepper (200mg)

Cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper is one of the best known and most studied fat burning ingredients.

The main active ingredient in cayenne pepper is capsaicin. Researchers believe that capsaicin is a thermogenic substance.

Cayenne pepper can reduce your appetite, speed up your metabolism and help you burn more calories.

Green Coffee

Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee extract is rich in chlorogenic acid.

Researchers believe that chlorogenic acid is the key to green coffee being effective in weight loss.

A 2013 study (1) reported that chlorogenic acid may reduce the absorption of carbohydrates by the digestive system.

This can help lower blood sugar levels and normalize insulin fluctuations.


Greek feta cheese

Tyrosine is an amino acid that is naturally produced in the body.

It was first discovered in cheese, from which it takes its name, but is found in many foods.

It is an ingredient found in almost all pre-workout supplements.

Taking tyrosine as a supplement increases the levels of the neurotransmitters dopamine, adrenaline and norepinephrine.

Increasing these neurotransmitters can help improve memory, keep you focused and alert for longer.


Stress is one of the main causes of weight gain.

PhenGold incorporates in its formula one of the best ingredients that increase relaxation and calm, the L-Theanine.

L-Theanine reduces stress, improves sleep quality, improves the quality of mental work, increases concentration, improves memory and increases energy.


rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola is an herb known in traditional medicine. Many people know it as golden root.

It is known as a natural fat burner. It is used to enhance physical and mental performance.

It also improves mood and relieves stress.

Other ingredients

PhenGold is one of the few slimming supplements that lists in detail all the ingredients it contains and you do not hide behind any patented formula.

In addition to the above ingredients it contains a number of vitamins such as vitamin B3, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12.

Side Effects of PhenGold

PhenGold contains 100% natural ingredients and no side effects have been reported from its use.

The ingredients it contains are generally considered safe.

But before using it, take a closer look at the list of its ingredients, in case you are allergic to any of them.

PhenGold Instructions for Use

Phengold pills

Its use is very simple and easy.

Take 3 pills with the meal.

For best results try to take it before exercise.

PhenGold Price and Where to Buy

Phengold 3 bottles

You cannot buy PhenGold at your local pharmacy.

It is available only through the official website.

Its price is very tempting, if we compare it with other weight loss pills that have half of its ingredients, half content, but are almost twice more expensive.

One package costs only € 54.49.

Buying more than one package you may reduce the cost even more.

So, by buying 2 boxes you get one third free, at the price of € 108,99. Your earning € 92.25.

While buying 3 boxes you get 2 others free, at the price of € 155,09. Your profit €180,31.

Money back guarantee

PhenGold provides a 100-day money back guarantee.

If you use it for 100 days and you are not happy with your results you can claim a refund of all your money.

PhenGold Benefits

Phengold Benefits

PhenGold offers many benefits for weight loss and overall health.

The main ones are:

  • Burns stored fat
  • Increases energy overall
  • Reduces hunger
  • Improves focus and reduces stress
  • Reduces the absorption of carbohydrates
  • Increases endurance while you exercise
  • Helps burn belly fat

PhenGold Testimony – Before and After Results

Phengold testimony

Being overweight always bothered me, but I never decided to get rid of it.

Until a colleague, between serious and funny, said to me “John, first your belly comes in and then you”.

I realized that things had gotten to the point, and I decided to really act.

I started paying attention to my diet, joined the gym, and started exercising regularly.

My progress was like a turtle running.

What bothered me the most was that I could not complete any exercise without draining energy.

I realized that I needed extra help if I wanted to lose weight in this life.

So, I started searching the internet.

I read about many products, supplements and diets.

Until one day I found PhenGold.

I cannot explain it, but from the first moment, I felt that it was what I was looking for.

I was impressed by its packaging. It looked more like a gold accessory than a supplement bottle. Then I realized what gold was hidden inside.

The description of the ingredients was clear, honest. They were not trying to hide anything.

I decided to try it.

Within a week I started to see how much it helped me.

I could do as much training as I wanted without panting.

I started to feel my belly deflate.

Today I have lost all the pounds I wanted.

My abs have made their appearance felt, and the best….

I feel flattered by the looks they throw at me when I walk on the street, in the office, on the beach, even in the gym.

I owe all this to the help that PhenGold offered me.


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